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Local Leaders in Kasese District Voice Concerns Over Insufficient Social Services



By Obed Kithende

Local leaders from Kitholhu sub-county, Bukonzo County West in Kasese district, expressed their grievances regarding alleged inadequate social services during a community meeting with Kasese Deputy RDC Lt. Maate Magwara at Ikobero Church of Uganda.

Leaders cited challenges, including understaffed health facilities and schools, poor roads, and lack of electricity. They raised concerns about teacher transfers affecting primary school performance and appealed for a police post establishment due to shared services with Kithoma – Kanyatsi Town Council.

Emmanuel Kule Maliba, L.C III Chairperson for Kitholhu sub-county, highlighted the impact of poor roads on accessing social services, urging government intervention. He emphasized the need for security roads promised by President Museveni.

Ericana Masimengo, an L.C I Chairperson, outlined additional challenges such as lack of electricity, food insecurity, and transportation difficulties for agricultural goods.

Officer in-charge of Kithoma Police Station, Opiro, cautioned against harboring thieves and encouraged residents to follow up on reported cases. Lt. Magwara assured engagement with district leadership for area development and urged residents to prioritize security.

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