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Teacher Commits Suicide After Girlfriend Leaves Him; Asks To Be Buried On Valentine’s Day

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Embu – Kenya teacher commits suicide after girlfriend breaks up with him. The young Embu teacher then writes to be buried on Valentine’s Day.

The young man wrote in a note that he killed himself because he could not bear the thought of seeing the girl fall in love with someone else.

The young man also expressed his preferences for his funeral service, stating that he would like to be buried on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

“Just decided to rest in peace. I have tried all means but it has been in vain,”the suicide note read in part.

He also left his girlfriend’s contact information, saying that she ought to read his eulogy.

In order for his family to receive an inheritance, the deceased educator gave his relatives the task of finding out if he had any children living somewhere else.

Two members of the county assembly were tasked with organizing the funeral, and they were instructed to make sure a picture he left behind would be included in his burial.

The teacher said, showing signs of depression, that he had talked to 17 people about his broken relationship, but no one had bothered to listen to him or give him advice.

“I have pleaded with (the ex-girlfriend) but all has fallen on deaf ears,” he regretted.

“Evening members when you are stressed, you just need one friend to share with. Meanwhile, I invite you to my function on 14/2/2024,”he said.

The long note read. (1) Jua decided to rest in peace I have tried all means but all has been in vain

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