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Kitara Women Regional League Sets Date for Second Round Kickoff as Teams Gear Up for Intense Battles

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By Producer Jocker

February 3, 2024 – The Kitara Women Regional League first round concluded today, marking the end of a thrilling competition that has seen fierce battles on the field. The top three teams, She Kasese SC, Buheesi Valley Women, and Mpara Queens, are locked in a tense race for promotion to the Women Elite League in the upcoming season.

The Snow Queens of She Kasese SC faced an unexpected turn of events in their last match against Burahya Queens at Nyakasanga playground. The match was not played due to licensing issues on the part of Burahya Queens. In another fixture, Mpara Queens secured a crucial 1-0 victory against Mpanga Ladies, while the clash between OMO Ladies and BAVA Queens did not materialize as the latter failed to travel to Fort Portal.

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Buheesi Valley Women’s last match against Burahya Doves took a dramatic turn when the game was abandoned. The match was called off after fans of Burahya Doves clashed with referees, creating a chaotic atmosphere.

The Kitara Women Regional League showcased seven teams in the competition: She Kasese SC, Buheesi Valley Women, Mpara Queens, Burahya Doves, Mpanga Parents, OMO Ladies, and BAVA Queens. Notably, Mpanga Parents stands out as the only team to defeat She Kasese SC in the first round, securing a thrilling 3-0 victory last week in Kamwenge District.

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Mary Zyane and Paskazia Tumwebaze of She Kasese SC have been standout performers, contributing significantly to their team’s success by scoring half of the team’s 11 goals.

However, BAVA Queens find themselves at the bottom of the table, having conceded more goals than any other team in the league. The Budibugyo-based team has been plagued by injuries to key players, including Chance Ledia, Karungi Betrace, Birugi Sarah, Asimiiwe Harhoni, and Katusabe Prosikovia.

As the first round concludes, the region eagerly anticipates the communication of details regarding the start of the second round. The competition has been filled with excitement, surprises, and challenges, setting the stage for an equally captivating second round in the Kitara Women Regional League.

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