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Iran Offers Modern Technology Support to Uganda as 70 Students Secure Scholarships at Ahlul Bayt International University

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By Gad Masereka

Kyambogo, Kampala

Iran’s Ambassador to Uganda, Majid Saffar, has urged Uganda to invest more in modern technology, particularly in areas such as artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and biotechnology, to bolster the transformation of its economy. The call came during the flagging off ceremony of 70 Ugandan students who secured education scholarships to study at Ahlul Bayt International University in Iran.

The event took place at the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party offices in Kyambogo, Kampala, where Ambassador Saffar emphasized the pivotal role of technology as a driver of economic growth globally. He pledged Iran’s support and expertise to assist Uganda in achieving its economic transformation goals.

“We believe that investing in modern technology is key to unlocking Uganda’s economic potential. Iran is willing to share its knowledge and experience in this field to help Uganda transform its economy and improve the lives of its people,” said Ambassador Saffar.

Hadijah Namyalo, the senior presidential advisor on political affairs and head of the ONC, welcomed Iran’s offer, acknowledging Uganda’s ongoing efforts to enhance its technology sector. She expressed gratitude for Iran’s assistance in a crucial area for Uganda’s economic development.

“Uganda has been working to improve its technology sector, but faces challenges such as limited resources and infrastructure. We are very grateful to Iran for this assistance in the field of the most wanting area of our economy,” stated Namyalo. “We believe that with the right partnerships and investments, we can transform our economy and create new opportunities for our people.”

The discussion between Namyalo and Saffar also covered various areas of cooperation, including trade, agriculture, and education. Ambassador Saffar invited Ugandan businesses to invest in Iran, highlighting the country’s vast market and resources, while Namyalo extended an invitation to Iranian businesses to invest in Uganda’s agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

Uganda and Iran have a history of strong bilateral relations, and the coordination of scholarship programs at the ONC, Esther Nankinga, emphasized the need for the scholarship beneficiaries to respect the cultures of the country they are going to.

“You need to respect the cultures of the country where you are going. When you misbehave, the country will be questionable, and that can spoil our image to the outside world,” warned Nankinga. She also highlighted the gender disparity among the scholarship recipients, urging the need to address the issue, especially as Uganda encourages women to enter the market economy.

The collaboration between Uganda and Iran holds promise for mutual growth and development, with technology at the forefront of their shared agenda. The 70 scholarship beneficiaries are expected to contribute significantly to Uganda’s progress upon completion of their studies.

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