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NRM Youth League Members Receive Mobilization Challenge from Secretary General



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By : Hason Mutunzi Bwambale 

In a dynamic interaction today, a contingent of NRM Youth League members made a noteworthy courtesy visit to the party’s Secretary General, Rt Hon. Richard Todwong, at the NRM offices along Kyadondo Road, Kampala.

During the meeting, Secretary General Todwong impassionedly called upon the youth members to take an active role in the party’s mobilization endeavors. He emphasized the crucial role youth can play in steering the party towards greater heights and encouraged them to engage fervently in party activities.

Highlighting the significance of youth engagement, Todwong challenged the NRM Youth League members to be instrumental in the party’s efforts to penetrate senior leadership positions. He underscored the transformative impact the youth could have on shaping the party’s future trajectory.

The meeting took place at the party offices along Kyadondo Road, providing an official and conducive environment for the discourse. The youths had the opportunity to directly engage with the Secretary General, presenting their perspectives and receiving guidance on their role within the National Resistance Movement.

SG Todwong’s challenge resonated with the youth members, fostering a sense of responsibility and purpose. The call for active participation in party mobilization activities serves as a strategic move to invigorate the party’s grassroots support and cultivate the next generation of leaders.

The Secretary General’s directive aligns with the party’s overarching vision to groom and empower emerging leaders. By encouraging youth involvement, the NRM aims to nurture a cadre of leaders who will contribute significantly to the party’s growth and play pivotal roles in senior leadership positions.

The NRM Youth League members left the meeting with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to embrace the challenge set forth by Secretary General Todwong. The commitment to actively participate in mobilization activities signifies a forward-looking approach as the party continues its evolution.

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