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Minister Baryomunsi Unveils Cabinet Decisions: Merger of Agencies, Landslide-Prone Areas Relocation, and Commemoration Plans Revealed

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By Gad Masereka

Kampala, January 30, 2024 – In a press briefing held at the Uganda Media Centre today, Minister for ICT, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, provided comprehensive insights into critical decisions made during yesterday’s cabinet meeting. The address covered the merging of government agencies, strategies for relocating landslide-prone areas, and the appointment of the Board of Trustees for the Uganda National Culture Centre.

The Cabinet’s decision to merge government agencies emerged as a key focus. Minister Baryomunsi emphasized the need for efficiency within the government, pointing out historical challenges of duplication and administrative costs associated with various agencies. The move involves integrating certain agencies back into ministries while allowing revenue-generating entities to continue independent operations.

Addressing the imminent threat of landslides in specific regions, the minister outlined a proactive government initiative. Residents in high-risk areas, starting with the Elgon region, will be offered two acres of land and 10 million Shillings to encourage voluntary relocation. The government, along with organizations such as GiveDirectly, aims to prevent further loss of lives by reimbursing those who comply with the initiative. Minister Baryomunsi underscored the urgency of the program to safeguard vulnerable communities.

Additionally, the Cabinet approved the Board of Trustees for the Uganda National Culture Centre. The board, led by Professor Ocaca Opio as chairperson, is tasked with fostering cultural activities, establishing theaters, and providing accommodations for cultural societies. The minister congratulated the appointed members, highlighting their diverse expertise in culture, arts, and film.

Looking ahead, Minister Baryomunsi shared details about upcoming commemorations, including the celebration of the NRA’s launch on February 6th, marking the commencement of Uganda’s liberation struggle. The minister also discussed plans for commemorating St. Janani Luwum on February 16th, emphasizing the importance of reflecting on the country’s history to foster unity.

Concluding the briefing, the minister addressed the reopening of schools, urging parents to ignore disruptive announcements from teachers’ unions and ensure their children return to school next week.

This comprehensive overview provided by Minister Baryomunsi sheds light on the government’s strategic initiatives, reflecting a commitment to efficiency, public safety, and the preservation of Uganda’s rich cultural heritage.

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