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Minister Baryomunsi Applauds Uganda’s Success in Hosting Global Summits, Urges Patriotism Amidst Political Criticisms

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By Gad Masereka

Kampala, January 30, 2024 – This morning, the Minister for ICT, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, held a press conference at the Uganda Media Centre, where he discussed key issues raised during yesterday’s cabinet meeting. The minister addressed various topics, including the recently concluded international summits, media space, and upcoming developments in the education sector.

Minister Baryomunsi began by congratulating Ugandans on the successful hosting of two major summits, namely the Non Aligned Members (NAM) and the South Summit of the G77 plus China. He expressed gratitude to the media for their collaboration in effectively communicating these events to both the Ugandan public and the global community.

Highlighting the positive feedback received from delegates attending the conferences, the minister commended the efforts of the Resident Government and the National Organizing Committee. He emphasized the success of the conferences, with Uganda now set to preside over the G77 plus China for the next one year and the NAM for the next three years.

Addressing political reactions to the conferences, Minister Baryomunsi urged a sense of patriotism, criticizing opposition members who attempted to use the events for political gain. He dismissed claims of poor road conditions, stating that there is a comprehensive plan for road repairs and improvements across the country.

Shifting focus to education, the minister urged parents to disregard announcements from teachers’ unions about potential disruptions. He assured the public that the government is committed to enhancing the pay for public servants, including teachers, but emphasized that the process would occur in phases due to resource constraints.

Minister Baryomunsi encouraged school administrators to open as scheduled and called on parents to send their children to school. He reiterated the government’s dedication to improving the welfare of public servants and urged teachers’ unions to engage in constructive dialogue rather than resorting to disruptive actions.

In closing, the minister emphasized the importance of compliance with licensing procedures for schools, warning against the operation of illegal institutions. He urged all those intending to open schools to follow the necessary procedures to ensure proper accreditation.

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