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Gen M7 youth skilling initiative applauded by SPAs Ruth Katushabe & Rose Kabagyenyi after visit to Busoga training hub

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It has been great colorful afternoon in Jinja as two senior Presidential Advisors Hon Ruth Katushabe of political affairs & transilations together with Ms Rose Kabagyenyi of Agriculture visited the Busoga zonal Presidential industrial Hub.

The hub which is currently training over 240 students is among the many hubs that were set up by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to train and equip practical skills especially to the less privileged youths who could not manage to go so far with education.

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Today the 28th of January 2024, Hon Ruth Katushabe together with Ms Rose Kabagyenyi visited the facility and were impressed with what is being done sofar by the President and the people he tasked to be in charge of these hubs.

The two senior Presidential advisors spared time to speak to the trainees who gathered to anxiously listen to the words of wisdom from the two leaders. Hon Ruth Katushabe in her speech asked the trainees to be innovative and creative to as to utilize the skills attained to transform their lives within the communities. Hon Katushabe said that all the trainees part of this program should even thank God because many of their friends are out there without skills but for them they are here getting hands-on skills at a free cost courtesy of the President of the Republic of Uganda which skills are on high demand in the country.

Hon Katushabe also advised the trainees not to just stop at learning here but rather go down there in their communities and put what they have learnt into practice as this will help them earn something for themselves as well as avoiding to join the un employed category of people.

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” Please don’t be lazy after learning here. Go out there and put these skills into practice. The President is doing his part and now you should also prepare in doing your own part..” Hon Katushabe added

Ms Rose Kabagyenyi the Presidential Advisor on Agriculture also spoke to the trainees where she advised them not only to be creative but also be good citizens so as not to ashame the President who took the initiative to skill them. Ms Kabagyenyi also said that the President is aware of the high levels of unemployment especially among the youths and this is why he started up such initiatives to reduce the levels of unemployment in country.

Speaking to the media shortly after their visit the the hub, Hon Katushabe said that what is here is simply part of the fulfillment of the NRM manifesto by President Museveni who vowed to fight unemployment and make sure that all adult Ugandans can join the money economy with a mission of social economic transformation in the country.

Hon Katushabe also used the opportunity to thank Ms Jane Barekye the state house Comptroller who is in direct charge of the skilling hubs for the tremendous work she is doing with her team to make sure that this project is a success not only in Busoga but all the country.

In 2017, President Museveni came up with the idea of starting Presidential industrial skill hubs allover the country to address the issue of unemployment in the country especially among the youths. These hubs are designed to provide technical and vocational training to young people, equipping them with the necessary skills for the job market.

The Industrial Hubs skilling program has been embraced by many and more youth have been encouraged to take part in it. It is free of charge, students don’t pay fees, four meals are provided within a day because the Government of Uganda has catered for the welfare. The duration of the courses is five months.

The skilling hubs offer welding, shoe making, tailoring, hairdressing, block making, stone cutting, baking, plumbing electronics, and farm management. etc. They are skilling the youth hands-on practices that they can use in their respective areas & earn something for themselves. Zonal Industrial Hubs is one of the best ways of bringing the youth into money economy hence socio-economic transformation of regions and the whole nation.

So far, 20 Regional Industrial Hubs are operational in Kayunga, Mubende, Masaka, Ankole, Kabale, Kasese, Ntoroko, Kyenjojo, Masindi, Zombo, Adjumani, Gulu, soroti, Lira, Napak, Kwen, Mbale, Kibuku, Jinja and Tooro.

Leaders in different subregions have highly commended President Yoweri Museveni for his initiative to establish Zonal Industrial Hubs because they have played a significant role in skilling the youth and equipping them with the necessary skills for employment and self-employment. They have contributed to the reduction of youth unemployment and poverty in Uganda by providing young people with practical skills that are in high demand in the job market

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