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Kampala Parents School Celebrates Top Performance in 2023 PLE Results

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January 26, 2024

By Gad Masereka

Kampala Parents School has once again proven its academic prowess by securing numerous first-grade positions in the 2023 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE). The school’s outstanding performance has solidified its position among the top-performing institutions nationwide and distinguished it as the best in Kampala District.

Daphine Kato, the headteacher of Kampala Parents School, expressed her joy and gratitude for the remarkable achievement. She credited the school’s success to the dedication of its teachers and the collaborative effort of various stakeholders. Ms. Kato also emphasized the school’s commitment to providing quality education, attributing the excellent results to thorough preparation and divine guidance.

“We are happy and we thank our teachers and other stakeholders for this wonderful performance. Above all, we also dedicate these pupils to God, and therefore, we prepared them well enough,” Ms. Kato stated.

The released 2023 PLE results showcased an impressive performance by Kampala Parents School, with a majority of its pupils scoring between 4 and 6 aggregates. Ms. Kato acknowledged the challenges in accessing all the results simultaneously but expressed satisfaction with the available information.

“You know we have a challenge with accessing all the results at once, but so far, with what we have managed to gather, it is good,” Ms. Kato commented.

Yesterday, the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) officially released the 2023 PLE results. While there was a slight decrease in the number of candidates scoring in Divisions One and Two compared to the previous year, UNEB Executive Director Daniel Odong highlighted a positive trend. He noted an increase in the number of candidates achieving Division 3 and above compared to the 2022 results, maintaining an overall pass rate of 88.0%.

“A higher proportion of the 2023 candidates passed in Division 3 and above level. Overall, the performance of candidates is comparable to that of 2022,” Mr. Odong reported.

In addition to celebrating success, UNEB expressed concern over the number of ungraded candidates in the 2023 PLE results. Division U (Ungraded) was awarded to candidates who failed to reach the minimum level of performance eligible for at least a Division 4. A notable 10.4% of candidates, totaling 88,269, fell into this category, prompting UNEB to raise awareness about the potential increase in school dropouts.

As Kampala Parents School basks in the glory of its exceptional performance, educators and policymakers are urged to address the challenges highlighted by UNEB to ensure a brighter future for all students.

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