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President Museveni Implements Strategic Changes in Special Forces Command



Col JB Asinguza the Director of Training in SFC addressing the soldiers during their passout at Kaweweta on Wednesday

By : Hason Mutunzi Bwambale

In a recent development, President Museveni, also the commander in chief of the armed forces, has initiated a series of changes within the Special Forces Command (SFC), reflecting a strategic realignment in leadership roles.

Effective Thursday evening, Colonel Allan Matsiko, the former SFC director for intelligence, has been appointed as the 303 brigade commander, showcasing President Museveni’s commitment to optimizing skills across various military units.

Colonel JB Asinguza takes the helm as the new commander for Special Forces Group One, concurrently serving as the Director of Training in SFC. This dual role emphasizes the president’s focus on melding operational prowess with comprehensive training strategies within the SFC.

In a notable promotion, Lieutenant Colonel Bagonza ascends to the rank of colonel, earning the responsibility of leading Special Forces Group Two. This move reflects the president’s acknowledgment of exceptional leadership qualities and a dedication to maintaining a high level of competence within the SFC.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Duncan Kafeero retains his position as the deputy director, signifying a balance of continuity and adaptability within the command structure.

The Special Forces Command (SFC), renowned as an elite unit of the UPDF, holds a crucial role in ensuring the security of the President of Uganda and members of the first family. Beyond this, the SFC is entrusted with executing special operations on behalf of the Ugandan army, safeguarding key installations across the nation.

These strategic changes underscore President Museveni’s commitment to maintaining a dynamic and adept SFC, ready to address evolving security challenges. The reshuffling of key positions reflects a forward-thinking approach to leadership within the armed forces and reinforces the government’s dedication to ensuring national security.

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