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Uganda Nears Resolution with World Bank: Pledges Inclusivity in Project Execution 



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By : Hason Mutunzi Bwambale 

In a significant diplomatic breakthrough, the Secretary to Treasury and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development Ramathan Ggoobi, told the Budget Committee at Parliament that negotiations between the Ugandan Government and the World Bank Group are nearing completion. This comes in response to the multi-national lender’s threat to freeze funding to Uganda following the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

Ggoobi reassured the public that Uganda is actively working to ensure that the execution of projects funded by the World Bank proceeds without discrimination. The Secretary to Treasury emphasized the government’s commitment to implementing measures that promote inclusivity, signaling a willingness to address concerns raised by the international community.

The World Bank Group had raised concerns and issued a warning of potential funding freeze in response to the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Act passed in Uganda. The impending resolution of negotiations is seen as a positive step towards preserving crucial financial support for various development projects in the country.

Ggoobi highlighted that Uganda is taking concrete steps to address the concerns raised by the World Bank, emphasizing that the government is dedicated to creating an environment where the execution of projects is free from discrimination against any individual or group.

The potential freeze of World Bank funding had garnered international attention, with stakeholders closely monitoring diplomatic developments between Uganda and the lending institution. The nearing resolution is anticipated to ease tensions and restore confidence in Uganda’s commitment to upholding inclusive policies, aligning with international human rights standards.

As negotiations approach completion, Uganda stands at a crucial juncture in restoring relations with the World Bank and affirming its dedication to inclusive development practices. The resolution signals a proactive response to international concerns, showcasing the government’s commitment to fostering an environment where development projects benefit all citizens, regardless of their background or identity. The international community watches closely as Uganda strives to strike a balance between national policies and global expectations.

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