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Police recover explosive at Entebbe Botanical Gardens

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In a swift and calculated response, Ugandan law enforcement successfully detonated an explosive device discovered at the Botanical Gardens in Entebbe. The incident unfolded when the Deputy Police Spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan, Luke Owoyesigyire, revealed that the explosive was recovered near Rolex Beach within the Botanical Gardens after a tip-off to the DPC of Entebbe Police Division about a suspicious object.

“Preliminary investigations suggest that the item is a non-spent ordnance buried underground for years, exposed due to soil erosion,” stated Owoyesigyire during a press briefing. The discovery raised concerns about potential dangers posed to the public, prompting meticulous inquiries and the initiation of thorough on-site processing and documentation.

In the interest of public safety, bomb experts guided law enforcement through the process of executing a controlled explosion. This preventive measure was deemed necessary to neutralize the potential threat posed by the decades-old ordnance. Fortunately, the controlled explosion was successful, resulting in zero injuries or damages to the surroundings.

Owoyesigyire emphasized the importance of public vigilance and urged citizens to promptly report any suspicious items to facilitate a swift police response. He underscored the critical role of community involvement in ensuring public safety and averting potential disasters.

“Remaining vigilant and reporting any suspicious items promptly can make a significant difference in facilitating a rapid and effective police response, ultimately saving lives,” Owoyesigyire urged.

The incident follows a series of notable events, including the recognition of Ugandan troops by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) for their valuable contributions to peacekeeping efforts in Somalia. Additionally, a tragic incident unfolded in Bweyogerere where a couple reportedly fought to the death, highlighting the complexities of interpersonal relationships. Meanwhile, Makerere University celebrated the opening of its Innovation Pod, showcasing a commitment to academic advancements and technological progress. Amidst these events, concerns have been raised by the Democratic Party (DP) regarding the selective application of the prerogative of mercy, adding a layer of complexity to the ongoing societal discourse.

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