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Denmark Commits USD 95 Million to Uganda’s Climate Initiatives: President Museveni Advocates for Sustainable Wetland Reclamation



20240124 210505

By : Hason Mutunzi Bwambale 

In a significant diplomatic engagement, Mr. Dan Jorgensen, the Minister for Development Cooperation & Global Climate Policy in the Danish government, led a delegation to meet with President Museveni at State Lodge Nakasero. The discussions centered on Denmark’s commitment to a new development program, injecting USD 95 million into Uganda’s climate change mitigation, adaptation efforts, and refugee programs.

Welcoming the Danish delegation, President Museveni expressed gratitude for Denmark’s substantial financial commitment to Uganda’s critical climate initiatives. The funding will play a pivotal role in strengthening the country’s resilience against the impacts of climate change and further supporting refugee programs.

During the meeting, President Museveni seized the opportunity to advocate for Denmark’s support in Uganda’s wetland reclamation program. Emphasizing the importance of sustainable environmental practices, he proposed diverting illegal rice growers from swamps and encouraging fish farming on the periphery. This approach aims to protect the Nile tributaries while allowing wetland centers to naturally regenerate.

President Museveni stressed the need to implement eco-friendly alternatives to traditional rice farming, highlighting the potential adverse effects on the Nile tributaries. By redirecting efforts towards fish farming on the outskirts of wetlands, the President envisions a harmonious coexistence between agricultural activities and environmental conservation.

The proposal aligns with Uganda’s broader strategy of balancing economic development with environmental conservation. President Museveni emphasized the significance of safeguarding natural resources for future generations while concurrently exploring economically viable alternatives.

The meeting at State Lodge Nakasero not only solidified Denmark’s commitment to Uganda’s climate initiatives but also provided a platform for President Museveni to advocate for sustainable wetland reclamation practices. The proposed shift from illegal rice cultivation to fish farming reflects Uganda’s dedication to preserving its natural resources, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between agriculture and environmental conservation. As the partnership between Denmark and Uganda deepens, the collaborative efforts hold the promise of creating a sustainable and resilient future for the nation.

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