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Minister for the Presidency unveils preparations for the 38th NRA/NRM Liberation Day celebrations



By Jane Nyiramugisha

Kampala, Uganda – The Minister for the Presidency, Milly Babirye Babalanda, has revealed the plans and preparations for the upcoming 38th National Resistance Army/National Resistance Movement (NRA/NRM) Liberation Day celebrations in a press conference held at Uganda Media Centre.Scheduled for Friday, January 26, 2024, at St. John SSS Wakitaka Play Grounds in Jinja Northern Division, President Museveni will officiate the anniversary celebrations, marking 38 years since NRA/M took control, ending the dictatorship of Iddi Amin Dada  that plagued Uganda.

The Minister said that all dignitaries in the Presidential tent will have to  undergo a mandatory COVID-19 test, adhering strictly to Standard Operating Procedures. The National Organizing Committee has issued over 800 VIP invitations, urging all Ugandans to gather in Jinja City for the festivities.The focal point of the event will be the awarding of medals to fifty-three personalities, emphasizing the 2024 theme: “Building a Country We All Cherish.” District Celebrations will also unfold nationwide, reflecting the unity and progress achieved under the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni.

Addressing the media, Minister Babalanda highlighted the significance of the event, stating, “The NRA/NRM Liberation Day is an essential milestone in Uganda’s history, symbolizing the hard-fought battle for freedom and progress that has shaped our nation. It is an occasion to honor the sacrifices made and to celebrate the achievements of our liberation struggle.

“The festivities are expected to draw thousands of Ugandans who will come together to express their gratitude towards the NRA/NRM for their pivotal role in the country’s struggle for independence and their subsequent efforts to promote peace, stability, and development. To ensure the smooth execution of the celebrations, Minister Babalanda divulged the key preparations that have been put in place. These include elaborate security arrangements to guarantee the safety of attendees and maintain order throughout the event. Relevant security agencies will be deployed strategically across the designated venues. As the 38th NRA/NRM Liberation Day approaches, Ugandans eagerly anticipate joining together to celebrate their rich national heritage and honor the achievements of the NRA/NRM in an event that promises to be a testament to the country’s resilience and progress.

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