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Frank Gashumba Criticizes Summits and Calls for Accountability

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Kampala, January 22, 2024

Outspoken social critic Frank M. Gashumba has once again voiced his concerns about the ongoing summits in the country, stating that they often fail to bring tangible benefits to the common man. In a series of statements, Gashumba criticized the government’s approach to hosting international events, suggesting that the focus remains on appearances rather than addressing the needs of the citizens.

“If these ongoing summits in the country do not change the lives of the common man, then they are useless. These summits only change the lives of the organizers. The same fat cats that stole CHOGM funds are now eating from NAM and G77 summits,” Gashumba declared.

Gashumba questioned the priorities of a country where street lights are seemingly installed only when foreign dignitaries are visiting. He expressed his reluctance to be part of the group that considers these summits important for the common man.

“We got to know that we were to host these summits over 4 years ago, but surprisingly flowers and palm trees were planted on the D day of the events. Let’s just keep our eyes open; all the kiosks that were removed would be brought back to the streets as soon as these summits are done,” Gashumba warned.

In his critique, Gashumba painted a picture of a government that seemingly prioritizes preparations for visitors over the well-being of its citizens. He compared the situation to a family eating meat only when guests come, emphasizing the lack of sustained efforts for the benefit of the local population.

Switching his focus, Gashumba addressed the issue of accountability, particularly regarding Pastor Bujingo and the construction of the Pentagon. He argued that only those who contributed to its construction have a right to demand cash from Pastor Bujingo. Gashumba expressed disappointment with NUP supporters who, according to him, are making noise on social media demanding accountability without contributing to the project.

Gashumba also referenced the recent alleged assassination attempt on Pastor Bujingo’s life, pointing out the irony of MP Nambooze Bakireke Betty criticizing Bujingo while she herself had faced a similar life-threatening situation in the past.

Frank M. Gashumba’s statements continue to fuel conversations about the effectiveness of international summits in driving positive change for the citizens and the need for accountability in various sectors.

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