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Faith of Unity Joins NRM Liberation Day Celebrations in Hoima City

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Hoima City, January 22, 2024

In a remarkable display of unity and celebration, over 415 members of the Faith of Unity, led by their revered head, Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka, descended upon Boma grounds in Hoima City to mark the 38th anniversary of the National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) liberation of Uganda.

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The three-day event, organized by Faith of Unity believers in Hoima Bukwenda Diocese, kicked off with a holy march through the streets of Hoima, drawing millions of participants who joined hands with Owobusobozi Bisaka. The enthusiasm was palpable, leading to significant delays in accessing Boma grounds due to the overwhelming numbers of believers and non-believers seeking spiritual healing and blessings from Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka.

Expressing gratitude to President Museveni, Owobusobozi Bisaka thanked the Ugandan leader for bringing peace to the nation and for recognizing the role of Faith of Unity in promoting unity among Ugandans. He acknowledged the challenges the faith faced in its early years, stating, “It’s only the President who investigated about our Faith, and His Excellency found that Owobusobozi was doing an excellent job in ending witchcraft, which was at its peak in Bunyoro Sub-region.”

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Owobusobozi Bisaka emphasized the transformative impact of embracing oneness and leaving other religions. He highlighted the unique practice of resting for only three days in a month, which aligns with their faith’s principles, allowing believers to spend the remaining days working diligently.

The celebration attracted notable figures, including Members of Parliament and local leaders. Over 400 individuals entered into the spiritual realm of Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka during the event, seeking blessings and healing.

The Faith of Unity’s participation in the NRM Liberation Day celebrations underscores the unity and diversity present in Uganda, where people from various backgrounds join together to commemorate the historic moment when President Museveni and revolutionaries liberated the nation in 1986.

As the nation reflects on the fundamental change promised by President Museveni during the swearing-in ceremony in 1986, the Faith of Unity stands as a testament to the resilience and progress achieved in rebuilding Uganda after years of despair caused by bad governance from 1966 to 1986. The anniversary celebration serves as a reminder of the continuous efforts to strengthen the nation and foster unity among its people.

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