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Tragedy Strikes on Kasunganyaja Road: Two Lives Lost and Four Injured in Horrific Taxi-Trailer Collision

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Kasunganyaja Trading Center, Bunyangabu District – January 19, 2024

In a devastating incident on Thursday, two lives were lost, and four individuals sustained serious injuries when a trailer collided with a taxi at the notorious blackspot near Kasunganyaja Trading Center in Bunyangabu District. The identities of the deceased are yet to be disclosed, but police confirmed that they include the trailer driver and a pedestrian who was unfortunate enough to be crossing the road at the time of the collision.

According to eyewitnesses and authorities, the speeding trailer with registration number KBC 135Z crashed into the taxi bearing registration number UAK 267E, which had just departed from the stage. Both vehicles were headed towards Kasese District when the tragic incident occurred around 11 am.

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The sharp turn near Kasunganyaja Trading Center has a notorious reputation over the years, having witnessed multiple accidents. Residents in the area have long voiced concerns about the dangerous curve, emphasizing the urgent need for safety measures.

Mr. Robert Mugume, an eyewitness, recounted that the trailer driver was speeding and sounding the horn as it approached the trading center. Despite the attempts to negotiate the corner, the driver failed to brake in time, resulting in the collision with the taxi. The impact also led to the trailer hitting a pedestrian before overturning multiple times after bouncing off a hump.

Rwenzori West region police spokesperson, Mr. Vincent Twesige, reported that the injured passengers from the taxi were rushed to Kilembe Hospital in Kasese District and Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, authorities are actively searching for the taxi driver who is reportedly on the run.

Mr. Twesige emphasized the importance of regular vehicle servicing, stating, “We urge all vehicle owners to prioritize regular servicing before hitting the road. If the trailer had proper maintenance, the crash could have been avoided.”

This tragic incident brings back haunting memories of a similar accident in February 2021 at the same location, where four individuals lost their lives when a fuel truck lost control and collided with another truck loaded with bananas. Authorities are now under renewed pressure to address the safety concerns of this treacherous stretch of road.

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