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3 Killed, Over 77 Critically Injured In A Massive Blast In Southern Nigeria

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2 killed and 77 injured in a massive blast in southern Nigeria

Rescue Operations Underway as Authorities Respond to Devastating Explosion in Nigeria’s Oyo State

Ibadan, Nigeria – In a tragic incident that shook the southwestern state of Oyo, a massive blast rocked more than a dozen buildings in Ibadan city, leaving three dead and over 77 others injured. The explosion, which occurred at approximately 7:45 p.m. on Tuesday night, prompted panic among residents who fled their homes. Rescue efforts are underway as emergency personnel work to locate any individuals feared trapped in the debris.

Oyo Governor Seyi Makinde, who visited the site in the Bodija area of Ibadan, revealed that preliminary investigations suggest the blast was caused by explosives stored for use in illegal mining operations. Speaking to reporters, Governor Makinde expressed the severity of the situation, describing the damage as “devastating.”

“We have already deployed first responders and all relevant agencies within Oyo state to carry out comprehensive search and rescue operations,” Governor Makinde stated, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

Illegal mining is a prevalent issue in mineral-rich Nigeria, with authorities expressing ongoing concerns about the practice. However, these activities are typically concentrated in remote areas, making arrests challenging, and safety protocols are often overlooked.

As of now, it remains unclear who stored the explosives, and no arrests have been announced. Governor Makinde assured the public that investigations are ongoing, and those found responsible for the incident will be held accountable.

Governor Makinde also provided updates on the injured, stating that most of the 77 individuals have been discharged. He pledged to cover the medical bills of those still receiving treatment and assured temporary accommodation for those whose houses were affected by the blast.

The southwestern city of Ibadan remains on high alert as security forces have cordoned off the affected area, and rescue operations continue to retrieve any potential survivors from the wreckage. The incident underscores the challenges posed by illegal mining activities and emphasizes the need for enhanced safety measures and regulatory enforcement.

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