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Uganda Assumes Chairmanship of NAM Ministerial Meeting with Focus on Palestine/Gaza Crisis



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By : Hason Mutunzi Bwambale 

Kampala, Uganda – In a highly anticipated ministerial meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Uganda took up the Chairmanship, formally accepting the role during the opening ceremony. The NAM meeting was inaugurated by Vice President Jessica Alupo with the attendance of 58 ministers from member states and a remarkable confirmation of 28 Heads of State joining the summit.

During a press briefing led by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Okello Oryem, several significant developments were revealed. Firstly, the Chairmanship of the ministerial meeting was officially passed on to Uganda, indicating the country’s increased stature within the NAM. Furthermore, Jeje Odongo, the Ugandan Minister of Internal Affairs, was elected as the chair of the NAM ministerial meeting.

As the summit progresses, the focal point of deliberations will be the Palestinian and Gaza crisis. Top officials will be engaging in discussions surrounding the comprehensive Kampala declaration, offering an opportunity for member states to express their solidarity and present potential solutions to alleviate the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Palestine and Gaza.

With the world’s attention keenly focused on the Middle East, the NAM summit aims to address the escalating conflicts and highlight the urgent need for peace and stability in the region. Uganda’s key role in this crucial issue demonstrates its commitment to upholding international peace and security.

Hon. Oryem reiterated the importance of the NAM summit, emphasizing that the attendance of 28 Heads of State and an extensive number of ministers displayed the significance member states attach to finding a just and lasting resolution for the Palestine/Gaza situation.

In the face of mounting challenges, the Non-Aligned Movement seeks to present a unified front and foster multilateral cooperation in order to bring about the necessary changes to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people. As one of the oldest and largest international organizations to promote global peace and development, NAM has consistently stood firmly against any form of oppression and injustice.

As the deliberations continue, expectations remain high that the NAM will play a significant role in fostering dialogue and generating solutions to the ongoing crisis in Palestine and Gaza. With Uganda at the helm, the international community looks forward to the outcomes of the summit and its potential impact on achieving a just and peaceful resolution in the region.

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