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Owobusobozi Bisaka Inaugurates 784 as Bahereza for the Faith of Unity

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In a significant development for the Faith of Unity, headquartered in Kapyemi Muhororo Kagadi under the leadership of Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka, 784 new members (Bahereza) were inaugurated during a three-day function in Kakabala Bukwenda, Kyegegwa district, Bugogo subcounty playground.

Owobusobozi Bisaka welcomed 378 individuals who had converted from various religions such as Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, and others to join the Faith of Unity. He expressed that these individuals had been misled by the colonial influence of the whites in Africa, which divided people into religious groups that didn’t associate with each other.

During the function, Owobusobozi Bisaka delivered teachings on the concept of Oneness and unity. He highlighted how the imported ideologies introduced by the whites had influenced people to spend more time praying instead of engaging in productive work.

Emphasizing that unity is the key to progress, Owobusobozi Bisaka encouraged believers to come together irrespective of their education, title, age, or religious background.

As part of the initiation, Owobusobozi provided the newcomers with “The Book Of God of the Age of Oneness,” written by himself, to replace the white Bibles. Additionally, they received “The Faith of Unity Calendar,” allowing believers to rest for three days each month (2nd, 12th, and 22nd) for prayers. The remaining 27 days are dedicated to work, contributing to the perceived prosperity of Bahereza compared to followers of other religions.

During the ceremony, Owobusobozi Bisaka officially inaugurated the 784 Bahereza, empowering them to spread the teachings of Oneness and Unity. He advised the new staff to uphold the principles of the Faith, abstaining from alcohol, witchcraft, and any harmful actions towards others.

Expressing their gratitude, believers from Kakabala Bukwenda presented gifts (Ebisembo) to Owobusobozi Bisaka, including substantial amounts of money and animals such as cows and goats. These offerings symbolized their appreciation for the spiritual and physical healing they received freely within the Faith of Unity, in contrast to other religions where healing often involves payment.

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