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I hired Goons To Kill My Husband Because He Told Me I Don’t Know Sex — DR ABIRIGA Widow Betty Cherotic Reveals

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In a shocking turn of events surrounding the murder of the late Masindi District Health Officer, Dr. Jino Abiriga, his widow, Betty Cherotic, has confessed to orchestrating the killing due to personal reasons, including jealousy, marital issues, and a sense of rivalry.

Cherotic, who has been in police custody for a week, reportedly disclosed her motives behind hiring hitmen. The confession includes revelations about her husband’s constant ridicule, particularly regarding her perceived lack of sexual knowledge compared to another woman, identified as Susan Atuhura.

“I first wanted to kill Susan Atuhura because she is the woman he was dating and compared her to me. We failed to kill the woman through arson and we also missed killing her at a place she frequented. We then turned the mission to my husband,” Cherotic told detectives.

According to the contracted hitman, Martin Kipsang, Cherotic initially paid 2.5 million Shillings to kill Atuhura. When the attempt on Atuhura’s life failed, Cherotic tasked Kipsang to find another target, leading to the involvement of Joshua Namureng.

“Susan first left the door open for us to enter and kill her husband, but our first attempt did not succeed as the man heard us walking outside. He woke up to tighten the door and windows and he noticed the door was opened, and he firmly closed it,” Kipsang revealed.

On January 6, Cherotic allegedly facilitated their entry into Dr. Abiriga’s house, where they attacked him while he was asleep, using a hoe handle. The killers then staged the crime scene, dressing the victim in different clothes before placing his body outside in the neighbor’s compound.

Detectives discovered that Atuhura, identified as Dr. Abiriga’s alleged side lover, had survived two previous attempts on her life orchestrated by Cherotic.

All three – Cherotic, Kipsang, and Namureng – admitted their involvement in the murder. Cherotic accused Dr. Abiriga of causing the death of their first child and blamed him for a previous miscarriage of twins.

She claimed the killers spent the night at a guesthouse before she allowed them into her house to carry out the murder.

The police, in collaboration with the Flying Squad Unit, arrested Kipsang and Namureng in Bukwo district. The investigation has led to the recovery of the victim’s blood-stained clothes, dumped in a pit latrine at the guesthouse, along with the small bag containing the deceased’s ID.

“Cherotic accuses her husband of causing the death of their first child and the miscarriage of their twins. She has also told us that the killers spent the night at Valentines Guest house before she opened for them the house to kill her husband,” said police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

Cherotic and Dr. Abiriga had a nine-month-old baby, having previously lost their first child, and the woman had experienced a miscarriage with twins. The shocking confession sheds light on the complexity of the motives behind the tragic incident

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