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Opposition Leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Mobilizes Citizens for Constitutional Reckoning At Katonga Road Press Conference

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By Gad Masereka

Kampala, Katonga Road – January 16, 2024

In a joint press conference held at Katonga Road in Kampala, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, the lead and president of the National Unity Platform (NUP), delivered a passionate speech, urging the nation to take action in response to what he termed as shameless actions by the current government.

Denouncement of Election Adjudication and Non-Aligned Movement Famine

Ssentamu began by addressing recent developments, expressing concern over the open appointment of military officials to adjudicate elections. He stated that such actions were no longer surprising and added that the ongoing non-aligned movement famine was meant to be a blessing if Uganda was well-governed. He criticized the disruption of businesses, rounding up of citizens, and the complete halt of transportation during the summit.

The NUP leader accused the current government of suppressing the rights of taxpayers and condemned the presence of democratic leaders attending events hosted by what he described as an illegitimate leader.

Call to Action and Constitutional Duty

Ssentamu passionately called for action from the citizens, emphasizing the duty embedded in the Ugandan Constitution. He highlighted the constitutional provision that allows citizens to use whatever means necessary, including armed resistance, to restore constitutional rule. While stressing the acceptance of various methods as per the constitution, Ssentamu reaffirmed the commitment of political leaders to non-violence.

Focus on Peaceful Means

The NUP leader clarified that, as political leaders, they advocated for non-violent means, urging citizens to utilize peaceful and constitutional avenues to bring about change. He emphasized the importance of adhering to the rule of law and urged the people to rise up collectively to demand their constitutional rights.

Conclusion and Call to Unity

Ssentamu concluded his speech by calling for unity among Ugandans, emphasizing the need for a concerted effort to bring about positive change. He invited citizens to join him in the peaceful pursuit of constitutional rule and expressed confidence that a united front could overcome the challenges facing the nation.

The press conference sparked discussions across the nation, with citizens contemplating the call to action and the constitutional responsibilities highlighted by Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu. The speech further fueled the ongoing discourse on the state of governance in Uganda.

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