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Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi Urges Unity and Active Citizen Engagement in Parliament Address

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Kampala, Parliament – January 16, 2024

In a compelling address at the Parliament of Uganda, Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi, the newly appointed MP of Nakawa West and the emerging leader of the opposition, emphasized the importance of unity and active participation from the citizens in shaping the nation’s future.

Recording Dissent in Parliament

Ssenyonyi spoke about the duty of parliamentarians to put their voices on record, recounting a recent session where opposing views were expressed regarding a particular issue. Despite the eventual passage of the matter, he highlighted the significance of capturing dissenting voices in the records, acknowledging those who courageously said “no.”

A Call for Unity and Leadership’s Role

The MP stressed the importance of leaders being a force for positive change rather than hindering progress. Ssenyonyi urged fellow parliamentarians to support the collective will of the people, recognizing that sometimes leaders can inadvertently become obstacles to the nation’s aspirations.

“As leaders, let’s not stand in the way of the people of Uganda; sometimes we can be the stumbling block,” he asserted, encouraging parliamentarians to be the driving force behind the desires of the people rather than obstructing their path.

The Larger Cause Beyond Elections

Ssenyonyi touched upon the broader cause that the people of Uganda yearn for, one that transcends mere electioneering processes. He emphasized the need for a better future and called on leaders not to hinder the aspirations of the citizens.

A United Front in Parliament

Expressing gratitude for the unity among opposition leaders in Parliament, Ssenyonyi highlighted the need for coordination despite potential challenges. He acknowledged that there might be uncoordinated movements, but the shared goal of positive change must be the binding force for the opposition.

A Plea to the People of Uganda

In his closing remarks, Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi called on the people of Uganda to actively participate in the process of change. He urged citizens, regardless of their status, to rise up and play their part in shaping the nation’s destiny. Ssenyonyi emphasized that the responsibility did not solely rest on the leaders; the people, too, had a role to play.

“We call upon the people of Uganda out there, whether you are elite or not, rise up and play your part,” he urged, emphasizing that the leaders could only play their part effectively when the citizens actively engaged in the process.

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