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Tragic: Police officer Shoots Dead UPDF Soldier In Rukungiri While Arresting Him

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Rukungiri, January 15, 2024 – In a tragic incident, a police officer in charge of the Rwerere police post in Rukungiri district has been detained for shooting and killing a 44-year-old UPDF veteran, Robert Manzi. The fatal encounter unfolded on Saturday night in Rubambura village.

Sgt Isidore Kabeirero reportedly shot Manzi after the latter allegedly threatened to kill his mother, Annet Kembabazi, and his wife, Christine Ngabirano, using a panga. Fearing for their lives, Kembabazi sought help from the police, resulting in a series of events that led to the fatal shooting.

According to Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region police spokesperson, when the police arrived at the scene, Manzi attempted to attack the officers with the panga. In the ensuing struggle, Sgt Kabeirero discharged his firearm, fatally shooting the UPDF veteran.

As police reached there trying to arrest him, he raised the same panga trying to cut one of them, and in the move to rescue the police officer, the other one shot, and unfortunately shot him directly, and he died moments later. The one who shot, as we talk, is in custody, while the body was taken to Rwakabengo Health Centre mortuary for postmortem, and inquiries are ongoing, and the outcome will determine the way forward,” said Maate.

An AK-47 rifle with the serial number UG POL 56131005438-1845 and 18 rounds of ammunition were recovered by the police at the scene. Sgt Kabeirero is currently held at Rukungiri police station, aiding in ongoing investigations.

The incident underscores the complexities faced by law enforcement officers in situations involving armed individuals. Authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation, including a postmortem examination, to determine the circumstances leading to the fatal shooting and establish the appropriate legal course of action.

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