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Frank M. Gashumba Raises Concerns Over Lack Of Support For Pastor Bujingo Amidst Controversies

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In a surprising revelation, social critic Frank M. Gashumba has voiced his concerns over the apparent lack of support for Pastor Aloysius Bujingo from his wife, Teddy Naluswa, and their children during the recent challenges faced by the controversial clergyman.

Gashumba, known for his outspoken nature, expressed disbelief that amidst the turmoil surrounding Pastor Bujingo, Teddy Naluswa has not reached out to console her husband, nor have any of their children made contact. He questioned the sincerity of their claimed born-again status, suggesting that their actions might imply a lack of genuine concern for Pastor Bujingo’s well-being.

He went on to speculate that if Pastor Bujingo had succumbed to the recent threats on his life, it is doubtful whether Teddy and their children would even attend his burial. Gashumba’s remarks add a layer of intrigue to the already controversial situation surrounding the embattled pastor.

Furthermore, Gashumba shared insights into a conversation he had with Pastor Bujingo, advising him to enjoy life and partake in certain indulgences, despite his born-again status. According to Gashumba, Bujingo was told that the success of his church, Canaan Land, hinges more on the belief in his words than the church itself. Gashumba even predicted that the church might collapse if something were to happen to Bujingo.

Touching on recent events, Gashumba, representing the MK Movement, claimed that they are ready to defend themselves and their supporters. He asserted that those responsible for the attempt on Pastor Bujingo’s life have connections to the National Unity Platform (NUP). Gashumba pointed out that NUP supporters have been vocal in dramatizing the incident, suggesting a possible motive for the alleged attack.

Ending on a motivational note, Gashumba urged individuals facing challenges not to give up. He cited examples like Joel Ssenyonyi, the new Leader of the Opposition, who made bold decisions in his career, and President Yoweri Museveni, who took decisive action to achieve his political goals. Gashumba emphasized the importance of self-belief and making courageous decisions as the first step toward success in life.

Frank M. Gashumba’s comments add an intriguing perspective to the ongoing controversies surrounding Pastor Bujingo and raise questions about the dynamics within his family amidst the challenging times.

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