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Tamale Mirundi Hospitalized Due to Low Blood Pressure; Condition Raises Concerns

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Former presidential press secretary and renowned political analyst, Tamale Mirundi, has been admitted to the hospital reportedly due to low blood pressure, raising concerns among his followers and well-wishers.

A video circulating on various platforms shows the outspoken journalist on his sickbed in a hospital. Sources suggest that Mirundi’s blood pressure dramatically dropped, leading to a loss of consciousness before he was urgently taken to Kisubi hospital.

While his condition is described as worrisome, an undisclosed source mentioned in the video stated, “His condition is not the best but again it is not the very worst.” The source further disclosed that initial tests have identified a significant drop in Mirundi’s blood pressure, prompting immediate stabilization efforts.

The video commentary highlighted ongoing tests as medical professionals work to diagnose and address the root cause of his health issues. Mirundi’s recent revelation of surviving multiple poisoning attempts adds an additional layer of concern to the situation.

In a recent interview, Tamale Mirundi shared, “Doctors had predicted that I would die in three years, but because of treatment and my cultural ancestors, recently I got checked by medical personnel from America and I was told that my organs are intact and very okay.”

As of now, neither Tamale Mirundi’s social media pages nor his close family members have released an official statement about his condition. The public awaits updates on his health, and well-wishers extend their hopes for a swift recovery.

Our thoughts are with Tamale Mirundi, and we wish him a speedy and full recovery.

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