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Uganda She Cranes Triumph In Three-Test Series Against Wales

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By Producer Jocker

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, the Uganda She Cranes emerged victorious in the three-test netball series against Wales. The She Cranes secured their triumph after clinching the last two series following an initial setback.

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The full results of the series are as follows:

1st Series:
Wales 57-45 Uganda

2nd Series:
Wales 40-64 Uganda

3rd Series:
Wales 48-59 Uganda

The She Cranes came into this year’s three-series event with the objective of defending their Wales International series title, which they had previously won in October 2022 with victories of 47-56 and 46-64 in the two ties.

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Despite a challenging start with a 57-45 defeat on Wednesday, the Uganda national netball team bounced back in remarkable fashion to secure wins in the last two series, posting scores of 64-40 and 59-48 at the House of Sports.

The absence of Wales’ captain, Bethan Dyke, due to injury posed a significant challenge for the Welsh team. Caro’s Morgan stepped in, replacing Nia Jones for her international debut.

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Mary Nuba Cholhok emerged as a key player for the She Cranes, leading the team to a remarkable comeback with standout performances that broke barriers and handed Uganda the lead in the last two series.

The final series witnessed an intense battle between the two teams, with both sides fighting for glory. At halftime, the She Cranes held a narrow lead of 26-25. In the end, the She Cranes sealed the victory with a final score of 48-59, solidifying their status as the winners of the three-test series against Wales.

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