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Uganda All Set to Host NAM and G-77 Summits with 99% Readiness, Minister Baryomunsi Acknowledges Efforts



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By : Hason Mutunzi Bwambale 

Kampala, Uganda – In a press conference held this morning, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister  for ICT and National Guidance , announced that Uganda is on the cusp of successfully hosting the upcoming NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) Summit and G-77 Summits. The minister expressed his satisfaction with the country’s level of preparedness, emphasizing that Uganda is now 99% ready to welcome these prominent international events.

Addressing the media ahead of the NAM Summit at the Office of the Prime Minister, scheduled to take place in Uganda on 15th – 23rd January 2024 , Dr. Baryomunsi conveyed his gratitude to the National Organizing Committee, led by Lucy Nakyobe, for their exceptional work in ensuring the smooth organization of the events. He commended Nakyobe and her team for their commendable efforts in overseeing the preparations, which have been meticulous and detailed.

Highlighting the advantages of hosting these prestigious summits in Uganda, Dr. Baryomunsi underscored the immense opportunities they bring to the country. The NAM Summit, which will gather leaders and representatives from over 120 member countries, presents a chance for Uganda to showcase its potential for economic investment and tourism. The G-77 Summit, meanwhile, will see Uganda playing a pivotal role in shaping global development policies and fostering international cooperation.

“Our readiness is at an impressive 99%. Uganda is eager to demonstrate its competence and capability to host such significant events,” remarked Dr. Baryomunsi. “We have made substantial progress in ensuring world-class facilities, security arrangements, and logistical support. Our aim is to provide an unforgettable experience for all delegates attending these summits.”

Furthermore, the Minister of ICT  emphasized the long-term benefits that hosting these summits can have on Uganda’s economy and international standing. The influx of delegates, diplomats, and journalists will not only provide a boost to the tourism industry but also create lucrative business opportunities for local establishments.

In his concluding remarks, Dr. Baryomunsi encouraged Ugandans to embrace this historic opportunity and showcase their renowned hospitality. He expressed hope that the NAM and G-77 Summits would shine a positive light on Uganda, highlighting its potential as an emerging economic power in the region.

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