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Ex-Kenyan Minister Faces 3 years In Ugandan Prison For Faking Customs Documents, Gold Smuggling 

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In a stunning twist of fate, the corridors of power echo with the downfall of Stephen Kipkiyeny Tarus, a once-influential Kenyan Minister, now at the center of a gripping gold smuggling saga in Uganda. The veteran politician, who once navigated the intricate political landscape, is now navigating the harsh reality of a prison cell at Luzira, following allegations of orchestrating a clandestine gold smuggling operation.

Tarus, a seasoned figure in Kenyan politics and diplomacy, previously held prestigious positions, including serving as the Assistant Minister of Internal Security under President Mwai Kibaki’s administration. His fall from grace culminated in his remand at Luzira Prison until January 18, 2024, facing charges that include gold scamming, smuggling, and forgery of crucial documents belonging to the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

The scandalous arrest unfolded publicly when digital platform Tax Crime Watch Africa broke the news, sending shockwaves across social media platforms. URA, not shying away from the revelation, retweeted the explosive report on their official Twitter account, thrusting the allegations into the spotlight.

Tarus, a 57-year-old Kenyan national hailing from Nandi County in the Rift Valley region, now faces the prospect of a three-year sentence in Ugandan jails for his alleged involvement in the illicit gold trade. The charges leveled against him suggest a web of deceit, involving the evasion of customs duties and taxes, posing a menacing threat to Uganda’s economic stability.

The Anti-corruption Court, presided over by Judge Esther Asiimwe, painted a dramatic scene as Tarus made his appearance on January 10th. The court remanded him to Luzira prison until January 18th, 2023, on charges of falsifying export documents – a stark contrast to the diplomatic circles and ministerial offices he once commanded.

As the details of Tarus’s alleged gold smuggling ring unravel, Uganda holds its breath, awaiting revelations that could potentially reshape political dynamics in the region. The enigmatic downfall of a once-respected politician has left the public and political spheres abuzz with speculation, turning the gold smuggling scandal into a gripping saga that promises more twists and turns in the days to come.

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