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Minister of Security Assures Robust Security Measures for NAM G-77 Summit in Uganda

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By Gad Masereka

Kampala, January 10, 2024 — General Jim Muhwezi, the Minister of Security in Uganda, has given a resolute assurance regarding the security arrangements for the upcoming NAM G77 Summit scheduled to be held at the Speke Convention Center in Kampala. Over 100 countries have confirmed their participation in the high-profile international event.

In a press briefing today, Gen. Muhwezi emphasized that comprehensive security measures have been put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all delegates, participants, and attendees during the G77 Summit. He stated, “We are committed to providing a secure environment for the summit, and our security forces are well-prepared to handle any potential challenges.”

The G77 Summit is a significant gathering that brings together representatives from over 100 developing countries to discuss and collaborate on economic and development issues. Uganda, as the host nation, is gearing up to showcase its capabilities in hosting such large-scale international events.

Addressing concerns about the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), Gen. Muhwezi reassured the public that the rebel group poses no significant threat to the security of the summit. “The ADF has been substantially weakened, and our intelligence and defense forces are vigilant. We have implemented measures to counter any potential security threats,” he stated.

The Minister urged the public to remain vigilant and cooperate with security forces during the summit. He highlighted the importance of community involvement in maintaining a secure environment and urged citizens to report any suspicious activities.

As Uganda prepares to welcome dignitaries and delegates from around the world, the government remains committed to ensuring a safe and successful G77 Summit. The international event is expected to foster collaboration on global development issues, and the security measures put in place aim to facilitate a conducive environment for productive discussions.

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