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President Museveni Orders Independent Probe into URA-Related Shooting, Urges Calm Amid Growing Tensions”

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Kampala, January 9, 2024 — President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has intervened in the aftermath of a tragic incident involving Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) soldiers attached to the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) enforcement team. The incident occurred during an operation to impound unregistered motorcycles in Okollo Town Council, Madi Okollo district, leading to the death of one person and injuries to four others.

Following concerns raised by leaders in the West Nile sub-region regarding the alleged excessive and lethal use of force by URA enforcement teams, President Museveni has called for an independent investigation into the incident. Moses Atria, a resident of Pamachi village, succumbed to a gunshot injury, while Patience Atizuyo, Derick Opari, and Jovan sustained injuries during the operation.

The President’s decision underscores the need for a thorough and impartial examination of the events surrounding the shooting. To lead the independent investigation, Museveni appointed Susan Kasingye, the Commissioner of Police. It’s crucial to note that this special investigation is complementary to the ongoing probes by the police and other relevant agencies, ensuring a multi-faceted examination of the incident.

Joanne Aniku, the Madi Okollo district Woman Member of Parliament and Vice Chairperson of the West Nile parliamentary caucus, emphasized that the President’s intervention aims to address concerns raised by the local leaders and the community. Aniku clarified that the independent investigation does not interfere with the ongoing probes by other authorities.

Swaib Toko, the Madi Okollo Resident District Commissioner, called upon residents, especially those in Okollo Town Council, to cooperate fully with the investigations. He urged for calm during this period, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive understanding of the situation and a peaceful resolution to the conflicts between URA enforcement officers and residents.

As tensions rise in the region, the President’s decisive action seeks not only justice for the victims but also a path toward resolving the broader issues surrounding the interactions between URA enforcement teams and the local community. The nation watches closely as the investigations unfold in search of truth and accountability

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