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Gunpoint Heist Unveils Sinister Duo: UPDF Soldier, Accomplice Arrested For Mobile Money Robbery in Maganjo

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Kawempe, January 11, 2024 — The Kawempe Police have successfully arrested a UPDF soldier, Robert Kyaligonza, and his civilian accomplice, Elia Sekyanzi, in connection with a daring armed robbery targeting a mobile money agent. The incident took place at Polymath Investments, an Airtel branch in Maganjo, where the perpetrators seized shs 600,000 at gunpoint on Monday around 11 am.

According to Luke Owoyesigire, the deputy spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan Police, the arrests were made by vigilant officers from Katale police station as the suspects were making their way back from a robbery mission in Maganjo A Zone, Maganjo Parish, Nabweru Sub-County, Wakiso District.

Despite the suspects’ attempts to evade capture, the police officers observed them carrying a bag suspected to contain stolen money, leading to their apprehension.

“During the arrest, Kyaligonza Robert was found in possession of a star pistol with 8 rounds of ammunition. The suspects later confessed to robbing a mobile money agent in Maganjo, administered by Muwonge Eddy,” said Owoyesigire.

The duo allegedly invaded Polymath Investments, coercing employees Eddy Muwonge and Christine Nanteza to surrender all cash on the premises, resulting in the theft of shs 600,000.

Robert Kyaligonza, having been previously implicated in a theft case, is currently detained by the UPDF. The ongoing investigation will also explore whether the firearm used in this robbery has been linked to any previously reported crimes involving the use of a gun.

In light of the incident, the police have advised mobile money agents to consider reducing their operating hours, especially during the night, to mitigate the risk of such robberies.

The victims of the robbery case have been identified by the Kawempe Police, and their statements will contribute to the comprehensive investigation currently underway. The arrests serve as a testament to law enforcement’s commitment to addressing and preventing criminal activities in the community.

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