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BUGINGO SECURITY SHAKE-UP: Head of Security Sacked Amidst CMI Interrogation, Alleged Collusion Scandal

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In a surprising turn of events, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, the influential leader of the House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI), has severed ties with Simon Peter Kaswabuli, the trusted head of security for both the church and Salt FM premises. Kaswabuli, who also serves as the Deputy Resident City Commissioner for Mbarara City, faced termination after over 13 years of dedicated service.

The abrupt dismissal follows mounting accusations against Kaswabuli, suggesting collusion with perceived adversaries, potentially linked to Pastor Bugingo’s estranged wife, Teddy. Responsible for overseeing security and organizing large-scale events for the pastor, Kaswabuli’s loyalty came into question when reports of his alleged involvement in undermining Bugingo’s interests surfaced.

Tensions heightened with the revelation that Dennis Mukulu, a former Church Administrator, had been acting as a double agent within the organization, sharing sensitive information externally. The connection between Mukulu and Kaswabuli, including co-ownership in a security company, further fueled suspicions, leading to Mukulu’s dismissal.

The recent attempt on Pastor Bugingo’s life escalated concerns surrounding Kaswabuli. He was the first on the scene at Mulago Hospital and the mortuary, prompting inquiries into how he swiftly learned of the shooting. Kaswabuli’s actions, such as relocating Bugingo’s bullet-riddled vehicle to Naguru-based Police headquarters without consultation, raised eyebrows.

Following two interrogations by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Bugingo, guided by advice from UPDF and Police officials, decided to terminate Kaswabuli’s services. The termination encompasses security provisions for Canaan, Lungujja, and Bugingo’s residences.

In a letter copied to high-ranking officials, Bugingo expressed gratitude for Kaswabuli’s years of service but cited the need for a change based on recommendations from security agencies. The former head of security was compelled to vacate the premises, with UPDF and Uganda Police officers overseeing the process.

Despite initial resistance, Kaswabuli ultimately complied with the forceful eviction and later faced further interrogation at CMI. As investigations into the assassination attempt on Pastor Bugingo continue, the House of Prayer Ministries International finds itself navigating a new era in its security management without the longstanding association with Simon Peter Kaswabuli Watch.

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