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President Museveni to Address Nation on Security; What to Expect

The President is likely to address the misuse of the Internet for speculation, referencing the Computer Misuse Act passed to curb such acts.



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By CMG News Desk

The year 2024 began with a tragic and controversial incident: the attempted murder of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo by shooting, resulting in the death of Richard Muhumuza, a member of the UPDF under the special forces command. Designed to be powerful, versatile, and responsive to national requirements, the special forces are tasked with executing specialized missions promptly.

Richard Muhumuza, Pastor Bugingo’s bodyguard, absorbed the majority of bullets during the attack, leading to his tragic demise. The incident sparked speculation and controversy, with some labeling it as a stunt. The Police Spokesperson cautioned against such speculations, emphasizing their potential harm to those who have lost loved ones in previous gun violence incidents. Consequently, the case file has been transferred to the Special Investigations Division at CID in Kubuli for further investigation and management.President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is set to address the nation on the security situation on January 9, 2024, amidst growing speculations surrounding the attack and the death of a soldier under the SFC.

Expectations include the President condemning the attack, providing insights into the incident based on victim accounts, open sources, and reports from security agencies. Given his past practice, he may touch upon the UPDF’s withdrawal from the peacekeeping mission in the DRC and provide updates on the Kamwenge rebel suspects.

Regarding the Bugingo case, police revealed that the discharged bullets were linked to the firearm used in the murder of Isma Olaxess. A 20 Million Bounty has been announced for information on the suspects and the pistol used.

The President is likely to address the misuse of the Internet for speculation, referencing the Computer Misuse Act passed to curb such acts. He may also comment on police observations of tampering with the crime scene.Anticipate revelations in the investigation, possibly with showcased CCTV footage, aligning with the President’s emphasis on the importance of CCTV cameras for aiding investigations. However, whether he will address Pastor Bugingo’s courageous act of driving away from the crime scene to rush the body to Mulago remains uncertain.

Expect the President to discuss security protocols for bodyguards, emphasizing the SFC’s role in protecting civilians not directly associated with the government, State House or VVIPs.

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