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Controversy Surrounds Pastor Bujingo’s Attack: Frank M. Gashumba Speaks Out

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Kampala, January 8, 2024 — Renowned social critic and commentator, Frank M. Gashumba, has stirred up a whirlwind of controversy with his recent statements regarding the attack on Pastor Bujingo and the death of his bodyguard, Afande Richard Muhumuza.

Gashumba boldly declared, “If you want sanity to return to this country, then side with Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. I speak to him, I know him, I know how he thinks. He is the right choice for a better Uganda. Uganda is a rich country but the only problem is corruption.” These remarks appear to endorse Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba as a potential leader for Uganda, emphasizing the need to combat corruption for the country’s progress.

In another startling revelation, Gashumba claimed, “All the bullets that were shot at him (Afande Muhumuza) were meant for Bujingo. Bujingo is still breathing because of Afande Muhumuza.” He expressed gratitude for Muhumuza’s sacrifice and acknowledged the soldier’s role in protecting Pastor Bujingo.

Responding to criticisms and conspiracy theories surrounding the attack, Gashumba accused NUP (National Unity Platform) supporters of dramatizing the incident. He asserted, “The problem in Uganda is the too much freedom which has been misused. We need an Iron-fisted leader who can tame and put this country to order.” These comments reflect Gashumba’s call for a more authoritative leadership style to restore order.

Gashumba shared a detailed account of the attack on Bujingo, stating, “As they reached around Namungoona, bullets were fired at them from the co-driver’s side of the car. Bujingo was only saved by what you may term as a spiritual voice that told him to take cover (go down).” He debunked speculations about the car window glass, explaining the resistance of polythene material used in car windows to pistol bullets.

The social critic also linked the same gun used in the attack on Bujingo’s bodyguard to the one involved in the killing of the late Isma Olaxes Jajja Iculi1. Gashumba called on the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) to investigate the ownership and usage of the firearm, posing questions about its possible connection to hired assassins.

In a direct attack on Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye, residing in Turkey, Gashumba dismissed him as an “idiot” and questioned his credibility. Gashumba challenged Lumbuye to substantiate his claim of knowing who killed Pastor Bujingo’s bodyguard.

Frank M. Gashumba’s statements have ignited discussions and raised questions about the political landscape and security concerns in Uganda, adding further complexity to the ongoing investigation surrounding the attack on Pastor Bujingo. The public awaits more information from authorities to shed light on these troubling events.

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