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Minister Muyingo Urges Compliance as Schools Gear Up for February 5th Term Commencement

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Minister Muyingo

Ziroobwe Town Council – State Minister for Higher Education, Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo, has issued a stern warning to schools planning to commence the new term before the official start date of 5th February. Speaking at a Thanksgiving ceremony hosted by Varelia Nakiwala in Busiika, Ziroobwe Town Council, Muyingo cautioned against illegal practices that some schools are reportedly engaging in.

According to the official school calendar released by the Ministry of Education and Sports, the upcoming term is scheduled to begin on 5th February. However, Muyingo expressed concern over reports indicating that several schools are gearing up to start teaching well before the specified date.

The minister urged District Education Officers to take decisive action against schools that choose to disregard the official directive. He emphasized the importance of adhering to the established academic schedule to maintain order within the education system.

During his address, Muyingo highlighted the underlying issue of some schools attempting to reopen not with the intention of providing education but rather to generate income. He stressed that holidays are crucial periods for children to be nurtured by their parents without the added burden of academic studies.

Muyingo emphasized the value of homes as the ideal environment for shaping a child’s character and education. He shared personal insights, noting that successful individuals often attribute their achievements to spending quality time with their parents during holidays.

As the Ministry of Education and Sports works to ensure the smooth start of the upcoming school term, Minister Muyingo’s warning serves as a reminder to educational institutions to prioritize adherence to the official academic calendar. District Education Officers are expected to play a crucial role in monitoring and enforcing compliance among schools within their jurisdictions.

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