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Soldier Brutally Murdered in Lugazi; Police Launch Investigation

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Lugazi, January 1, 2024 – The peaceful town of Lugazi has been rocked by the gruesome murder of a Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) soldier. The victim, identified as Private Robert Nyeba (RA/210678) from the 53rd Battalion, was found dead approximately 100 meters from his home in Nammengo Kiteredde-Kasambya, Lugazi Central division.

Residents stumbled upon Nyeba’s lifeless body and promptly informed the deceased’s aunt, Perusi Logose. Logose disclosed that the soldier had been residing alone in his home and was on leave following a recent car crash. Nyeba served as a driver for a senior army officer.

Upon receiving the distressing news, Lugazi Police swiftly initiated investigations into the heinous crime. District Police Commander John Lukoto led the police officers to the scene, where they discovered that the soldier had suffered a fatal head wound. Initial suspicions suggest that Nyeba was struck on the head with a blunt object by unknown assailants, leading to fatal bleeding.

It is reported that the perpetrators, suspected to be robbers, made off with all valuables in the soldier’s possession. Unfortunately, attempts to deploy a Police sniffer dog were unsuccessful, as the crime scene had already been compromised.

Expressing their concern, Lugazi residents urged the Police to intensify operations and patrols in the area to curb rising crime rates. LC1 chairperson Richard Kavuma highlighted that much of the criminal activity in the village is perpetrated by the youth. He called on law enforcement to apprehend and prosecute individuals suspected of engaging in criminal activities.

The body of the deceased has been transported to Kawolo General Hospital for a postmortem examination. As the investigation unfolds, the Lugazi community remains on edge, demanding justice for the fallen soldier and increased security measures to safeguard the town from further criminal activities.

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