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New Year’s Nightmare: Enkuuka Tobongoota Descends Into Chaos as Sheebah’s Performance Ends in Brawl, Artists Attacked & Violent Rampage Unleashed on Stage!

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Chaotic Scenes and Violence Mar Annual Enkuuka Show at Lubiri, Mengo

Mengo, January 1, 2024 – The highly anticipated New Year’s Eve celebration at Lubiri, Mengo, known as ‘Enkuuka Tobongoota,’ turned into a night of chaos and violence, leaving several individuals injured, including popular artists, and forcing some performances to come to an abrupt end.

Sheebah Karungi, one of Uganda’s leading artists, faced a tumultuous experience as she attempted to entertain the crowd and usher in the new year. Despite waiting patiently to grace the stage, as soon as Sheebah began her performance, the sound system malfunctioned, triggering fights on the stage. In a video obtained by NLP, Sheebah is seen leaving the stage after trying to engage the crowd without proper sound support.

“I sat for some hours before stepping on stage at ENKUUKA YO OMWAKA, then Boom, the sound went off and fights started. If you know me so well, I don’t associate with Violence. It’s NOT WORTH IT. So I LEFT. That’s my story,” Sheebah revealed.

Tom Dee, a TikToker-turned-singer, faced a more violent encounter, leaving the event with a bloody face. He alleges that he was attacked by unidentified individuals and his car vandalized, purportedly due to his association with Alien Skin.

Omukunja Atasera and King Sheebah also felt the wrath of angry revelers when bottles were hurled at them during their performance at the same show. Western Uganda’s popular singer, Ray G, encountered a similar fate as he was pelted with objects upon taking the stage.

Ray G’s recent troubles did not end at the Enkuuka show, as he has been involved in a feud with Azawi following a stage scuffle at the Comedy Store UG show at Mbarara Inn.

On a positive note, some artists managed to escape the violence unscathed. Big Eye Starboss, who had faced bottle-throwing incidents in previous years, performed without any disruptions. The revelers even showed him more love when he disclosed that Bobi Wine had been a significant source of strength in recent months, attributing his revived career to the iconic musician.

The Enkuuka Tobongoota show, despite its tumultuous moments, brought together music enthusiasts to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the new year. However, the incidents of violence have sparked concerns about the safety and security of artists and performers at such events.

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