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Tragic Love Triangle Unveiled: Namugongo Woman Brutally Killed In Bar Ambush By 3 Lovers!

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Tragedy struck in the early hours of Friday morning at Janda zone, Namugongo, as fresh details emerged surrounding the death of a woman identified as Bianca inside a local bar. The victim allegedly met her demise after being struck with a blunt object in the midst of a heated dispute involving three men who were romantically linked to her.

According to eyewitnesses, Geoffrey Kuluba, a casual laborer, shed light on the complicated love triangle involving John Gido (Johnnie), Clement, and Bombom, all reportedly infatuated with the deceased. Trouble escalated when the trio converged at Janda bar, each vying for Bianca’s attention.

“We often saw her with Johnnie, but during the Christmas days, we saw two other men dating her. Trouble came when they all met at Janda bar, and they all wanted to leave with her. But she failed to decide, and they demanded to see her phone,” Kuluba recounted.

In the midst of the scuffle over who would accompany Bianca at 2 am, tempers flared, leading to a tragic end. The suspects—Johnnie, Clement, and Bombom—allegedly resorted to violence, hitting her on the head. Following the incident, the trio hastily fled the scene, leaving the bar operators grappling with the lifeless body.

Local authorities, including police from Namugongo Catholic and Anglican Shrines, swiftly responded, cordoning off the area with the assistance of deployed soldiers in Namugongo, Kyaliwajjala, Janda, Mbalwa, and Kira.

Luke Owoyesigyire, deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, disclosed that Johnnie is a South Sudanese national. Owoyesigyire stated, “There was an altercation arising from a phone, and in the process, Bianca was hit, and she died. The suspects Gido John aka Johnnie, Clement, and Bombom fled the scene. We have already arrested Gido, and he is currently detained at Kira Division Police.”

Police are urging the public to remain vigilant and share any information crucial to the ongoing investigation and the apprehension of the suspects still at large. Bianca’s body has been conveyed to Mulago Hospital, marking a tragic end to a love affair turned deadly. Investigations are underway to unravel the circumstances leading to this shocking incident.

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