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Tragedy Strikes as Three Children Poisoned to Death in Kumi; Two Arrested

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Kumi District, December 29, 2023 — In a heart-wrenching incident that has sent shockwaves through the community, three siblings, John Okodosi (9), Ignatius Agodo (4), and Constant Olupot (6), were pronounced dead on Wednesday after allegedly being poisoned under unclear circumstances. The children were the sons of Tom Omudu and residents of Okudumo Village, Okudumo Parish in Mukongoro Sub County.

The incident unfolded when the children were rushed to a nearby clinic in Kanyum town council, where they were pronounced dead. Their bodies were later taken to Mbale City Mortuary, where police surgeon Dr. Barnabas Rubanza confirmed that the cause of death was poison.

“It’s unfortunate that we wake up to the shock after sad news of murder by poisoning had claimed three juveniles. This is quite a regrettable incidence for people with such bad hearts to kill such innocent children,” expressed the Kumi RDC, Mr. Ahamada Washaki.

The grieving father, Mr. Tom Omudu, appealed to the police for justice, saying, “These are little children who have no grudge with anyone. It is painful to lose children you have been struggling to raise in such a heinous incident.”

According to Mr. Stephen Odongo, the LC3 chairperson of Mukongoro Sub County, the incident occurred on Wednesday when food intended for the children was allegedly laced with poison. He noted that, at the time of the alleged poisoning, the parents were not at home.

“It seems the suspects had long targeted the parents but failed, so the children were now soft targets,” added Mr. Odongo.

As a grim turn of events, on Thursday evening, relatives of the deceased children reportedly set fire to the homes of the suspected perpetrators, prompting the police to spend most of the night at the scene. The Kumi District Police Commander (DPC), Mr. Twaha Buyinza, confirmed that the matter is under investigation, and the police are on guard to prevent further loss of lives through potential revenge attacks.

The community is grappling with grief and disbelief as they await the outcome of the police investigation and justice for the tragic loss of three innocent lives.

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