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Police Uncover Bomb at Kasese Fuel Station Amid Rising Security Concerns in Western Uganda

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Saturday, December 30, 2023


In a concerning development, authorities in Kasese, Uganda, have uncovered a bomb strategically placed at a fuel station, triggering a swift response from the police and the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF). The discovery follows a series of recent attacks in Western Uganda, leading to heightened security measures in identified risk zones.

Colonel Deo Akiiki, the deputy army spokesperson, revealed that the explosive device was found at the petrol station in Kadindimo Trading Center, Kadindimo Parish, Rwimi sub-county along Kasese Road. The bomb had been carefully placed in a trench approximately six meters away from the fuel pump.

“A bomb was found at the petrol station of Byaruhanga in Kadindimo Trading Center, Kadindimo Parish, Rwimi sub-county. It was placed in the trench, approximately six meters away from the fuel pump,” explained Colonel Akiiki.

Both the police and the army are actively managing the situation on the ground, with Colonel Akiiki urging the public to remain vigilant given the challenging nature of the operational area. “Police and the army are present to address the situation. Let’s stay vigilant, as the situation is currently unfavorable in our operational zones,” cautioned Akiiki.

This discovery comes in the aftermath of a series of attacks in Western Uganda’s Rwenzori subregion, attributed to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). In response to the escalating security concerns, the UPDF is taking proactive measures, including the recruitment of local defense personnel to enhance security in high-risk areas. The identified risky zones include Kasese, Bunyagabo, Kitagwenda, Kamwenge, and Kyenjonjo.

The uncovering of the bomb at the fuel station underscores the critical need for heightened security measures in the region as authorities work to thwart potential threats and protect local communities. Investigations are ongoing to determine the origin and motive behind the placement of the explosive device. Authorities are urging residents to cooperate with security forces and report any suspicious activities to ensure the safety of the public in the face of these emerging security challenges.

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