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Rwandan Activist Anne Rwigara Dies at 41 Under Mysterious Circumstances In The United States

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December 29, 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Anne Rwigara, the 41-year-old sister of Rwandan political activist Diane Rwigara, has passed away in the United States. Anne, the daughter of the late prominent Rwandan businessman Assinapol Rwigara, died on Thursday, leaving behind a cloud of mystery surrounding the circumstances of her death.

Anne’s mother, Adeline Rwigara, expressed bewilderment over her daughter’s sudden demise, stating that Anne had not been sick prior to her passing. According to reports, Anne had complained of stomach complications before her untimely death a few days later.

Anne Rwigara and her mother had faced a tumultuous year in Rwanda, spending time in jail over allegations of tax evasion and electoral malpractices. Their legal troubles arose after Anne’s sister, Diane Rwigara, announced her candidacy for the presidential election in May 2017, challenging President Kagame.

However, the National Electoral Commission halted Diane’s participation in the election, citing the submission of allegedly forged signatures to validate her candidacy. The Rwandan Revenue Authority then claimed that the Rwigara family owed a staggering $6.7 million in taxes, leading to the closure of their family business and the freezing of their bank accounts.

The circumstances surrounding Anne Rwigara’s death raise questions, particularly in light of her family’s history of legal challenges and activism. The lack of clarity regarding the cause of her death adds to the speculation, with her mother describing it as a “mystery.”

As news of Anne Rwigara’s passing reverberates, the Rwandan community and activists worldwide await further details and official statements on the circumstances surrounding her death. The legacy of the Rwigara family, marked by political activism and legal battles, takes an unexpected turn with the loss of Anne Rwigara.

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