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Ugandan Forces Crush ADF Stronghold: Rogue Leader Eliminated, Weapons Cache Seized in Intrepid Kibale Forest Raid

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In a significant development in the ongoing fight against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) insurgency, Ugandan troops engaged in operations within the Kibale Forest Reserve have successfully eliminated a suspected ADF leader. The Deputy Army spokesperson, Deo Akiiki, confirmed that the operation resulted in the neutralization of the leader, whose identity has not been disclosed.

During the mission, the troops uncovered a cache of weapons, including a PK gun and an AK-47 rifle, in possession of the deceased ADF leader. The discovery underscores the group’s intent to carry out acts of violence, posing a substantial threat to regional stability. This successful operation is part of the continuous efforts by the armed forces to counter the ADF insurgency and restore peace and security in the affected areas.

Akiiki emphasized that the operation is ongoing, with troops actively pursuing other ADF elements in the dense Kibale Forest Reserve. The military’s intensified efforts reflect their commitment to eliminating the ADF and safeguarding the region.

In a related incident, Joint Security Agencies in Kamwenge District are investigating a brutal attack believed to be carried out by ADF members. The attack, which occurred on December 25, 2023, resulted in the tragic loss of three lives. Authorities have identified the victims as 72-year-old Adrine Nibgwabizi and two juveniles, Amon Niwalinda.

Following these recent attacks, Western Uganda authorities have launched the second phase of a recruitment campaign, aiming to enlist over 1,400 local defense personnel from six districts. The initiative seeks to address prevailing security vulnerabilities in the region and fortify efforts to counter the ADF insurgency.

As the security situation unfolds, the nation remains vigilant, with the armed forces and local authorities collaborating to ensure the safety and well-being of the populace.

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