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Night of Terror: Unidentified Gunman Strikes Fear in Loro Town, Leaving Three Wounded and A Community on Edge

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In a harrowing incident on Tuesday night, an unidentified assailant clad in military attire carried out a brazen armed robbery in Loro Town Council, Oyam, leaving three individuals injured. The suspect, armed with a firearm, targeted a hardware shop owned by Robert Obote, demanding money.

The perpetrator’s violent spree unfolded when the hardware attendant, Morris Obongo, attempted to escape to the next room. In a ruthless turn of events, the assailant opened fire while making his exit, resulting in injuries to three people within the vicinity. The robber managed to flee with Shillings 65,000 that was on the counter.

The victims of the gunshot attack have been identified as 19-year-old Kizito Isaac Okola, a resident of Olangit “A” village in Ogwete Sub-County, 25-year-old Innocent Obwol, a local boda-boda rider in Loro Town Council, and RA 278021 PTE Emmanuel Okello, a UPDF soldier who happened to be passing by. All three victims were promptly rushed to St. John XXIII Hospital Aber for urgent medical attention.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson, confirmed the incident, categorizing it as a premeditated robbery. Okema stated, “This is such an unfortunate incident, however, it looks purely like a planned robbery, though we leave it for the investigators to come out with a clear report.” At the crime scene, law enforcement recovered four cartridges and one live ammunition, providing potential leads for the ongoing investigation.

Amidst rising concerns about security, especially in light of recent murders and ADF rebel activities in Western Uganda, George Abudul, the Apac Resident District Commissioner, issued a warning to locals to remain vigilant. Abudul urged residents to exercise caution during these insecure times, emphasizing the importance of community awareness and cooperation with law enforcement.

Efforts to identify and apprehend the armed robber are underway, with the police appealing to the public for any information that might assist in solving the case. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges posed by criminal activities in various parts of the country, prompting heightened security measures and public awareness campaigns.

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