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58-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Killing Her 85-Year-Old Husband In Christmas Day Brawl

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In a tragic incident, a 58-year-old woman, Janet Apio, is under police custody in Apac District, northern Uganda, on suspicion of killing her 85-year-old husband, Joseph Acot. The incident reportedly occurred following a domestic dispute triggered by a late-night return from a drinking joint.

The couple had gone together to buy meat for Christmas but separated after an evening at a nearby trading center. Apio returned home in the early hours of Christmas day, leading to a confrontation that escalated into a fatal fight. Acot, who had remarried six months ago, succumbed to head injuries sustained during the altercation.

Maurice Okello, Acot’s elder son, recounted Apio’s early morning visit, reporting his father’s death before fleeing the scene. The local LC2 chairperson, Geoffrey Okello Ongom, attributed the tragic incident to alcohol-induced violence, highlighting Apio’s alleged history of heavy drinking.

Apac District Police Commander, Rodgers Kapere, confirmed Apio’s custody, stating that a homicide team is investigating the case. Acot’s body has been sent for a postmortem examination, while Apio remains detained at Apac Central Police Station.

The community is left shocked and saddened by the unexpected tragedy, emphasizing the need for further investigations to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the Christmas day brawl.

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