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Tooro People’s Conference Concludes With Insights on Overcoming Negativity for Socioeconomic Development

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St. Mary’s Major Seminary Kinyamasika, Dec 23, 2023 – The 2nd day of the Tooro People’s Conference witnessed a thought-provoking discussion on the theme “The Power and Influence of Self-Pity and Negativity on Socioeconomic Development.” Renowned speakers delved into the impact of negative thinking on individuals and communities, offering valuable insights and strategies for overcoming such challenges.

Dr. Further Pascal Kabura Adyeri: Unlocking Positive Thinking for a Better Tomorrow

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Further Kabura addressing the conference

Dr. Adyeri, in his address, emphasized the profound connection between thought patterns and actions. He highlighted the detrimental effects of negativity, citing instances where suicidal tendencies can be recognized through an individual’s speech. Dr. Adyeri urged participants to embrace positive thinking, discard self-limiting statements, and cease attributing negative traits to entire groups. He stressed the need for a collective shift towards positive thoughts to foster individual and societal development.

Hon. Ruhunda Alex Akiiki: Persistence and Positive Thinking in Political Leadership

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Hon. Alex Ruhunda Addressing the conference

Hon. Akiiki, founder of Kabarole Research Center (KRC), shared his experiences in politics and how he overcame challenges through persistent positive thinking. He encouraged participants to maintain focus and resilience, citing his successful efforts to elevate Fort Portal to city status. Hon. Akiiki asserted that a positive mindset is crucial in navigating the complexities of political environments.

Monica Rubombora Akiiki: Breaking Free from Negativity Through Selective Choices

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Monica Rubombora addressing the conference

Monica Rubombora Akiiki, an accomplished author, addressed practical ways to overcome negativity. She highlighted the impact of negative words, particularly on children, and advised against planting seeds of doubt. Monica encouraged individuals to choose their companions wisely, surround themselves with positivity, and engage in a prayerful life. She stressed the importance of recognizing negative thoughts within oneself and fostering a belief in personal abilities.

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The discussions culminated in a consensus that collective negative thinking hampers societal progress, leading to school dropouts, unemployment, and strained relationships. The speakers collectively urged the participants to initiate a shift towards positive thinking, emphasizing self-belief, hard work, and the appreciation of small achievements.

As the Tooro People’s Conference concluded today, the insights shared by the speakers are expected to resonate within the community, promoting a culture of optimism and resilience for sustained socioeconomic development.

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