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Alex Ruhunda, MP Fort Portal City, Addresses Crucial Issues at 7th Tooro People’s Conference

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By Gad Masereka

In a significant address at the 7th Tooro People’s Conference held at St. Mary’s Kinyamasika in Fort Portal Tourism City, Alex Ruhunda, the Member of Parliament for Fort Portal City, emphasized the importance of the annual gathering for the people of Tooro. The conference, which spans two days, serves as a platform to discuss current issues affecting the region and explore growth trends.

Ruhunda highlighted the conference’s evolution, stating, “We agreed seven years ago that we must always have our annual meeting where we have a two-day conference to discuss the current situations affecting the lives of our people and the trends for the growth of our land.”

The MP stressed the significance of bringing together people from across the globe during the Christmas holiday, fostering knowledge sharing and community bonding. This year’s focus revolves around human capital development, recognizing it as a key factor in societal impact, innovation, and leadership.

“Human capital development is the key. It is the key that creates impact in societies because if you don’t have developed brains, then you have less innovators and you have poor leadership,” stated Ruhunda.

Addressing the issue of stunted growth in the region, Ruhunda expressed concern about Tooro leading in standards and emphasized the need to prioritize and address the challenge. He underscored the impact of alcoholism and the need to find ways to keep the population busy and productive.

Speaking on the failure of regulatory bodies, Ruhunda criticized the National Drug Authority and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards for not effectively monitoring chemicals entering the country. He urged the population to take matters into their own hands, advocating for the adoption of organic farming methods and the use of quality, human-friendly chemicals.

In his closing message, Ruhunda emphasized the importance of unity among the people of Tooro. “The last message comes that united we stand, divided we fall. The people of Toro must learn that it is through the unity of purpose that we can survive and prosper,” he concluded, stressing the urgency of developing a collective mindset for the common good of society.

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