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Dunstan Balaba Assumes Role of Permanent Secretary at Office of the Prime Minister



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By : Hason Mutunzi Bwambale

Kampala, Uganda – In a significant development, OPM (office of the Prime Minister) welcomed its new Permanent Secretary (PS), Mr Dunstan Balaba, at their office this morning. This transition marked a notable moment for OPM as they bid farewell to Ms Rose Alenga, who had been serving as the acting PS during the tenure of the late Keith Muhakanizi.

The official handover ceremony took place during the organization’s weekly meeting of the Technical Committee. Ms Rose Alenga gracefully passed on the responsibilities and duties of the PS to Mr Balaba, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the office of the Prime Minister. 

With an impressive professional background spanning over 32 years, Mr Dunstan Balaba brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Prior to his appointment as the PS of OPM, he served as the Chief Administrative Officer for Buikwe District. Mr Balaba’s extensive knowledge of civil service intricacies is expected to bring valuable expertise and insight to the operations of the organization.

The untimely demise of Keith Muhakanizi earlier this year led to the appointment of Ms Rose Alenga in an acting capacity. Her dedication and commitment to fulfilling the responsibilities of the PS position have been commendable during her tenure.

The management and staff of OPM enthusiastically extend their warmest welcome to Mr Dunstan Balaba as he assumes the role of Permanent Secretary. They express their gratitude to Ms Rose Alenga for her outstanding service and support during these transitional months.

With the arrival of the new PS, the ministry anticipates a period of growth, efficiency, and fresh perspectives. Mr Balaba’s experience and expertise, coupled with the dedicated workforce of OPM , is expected to enhance the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission and serve the interests of the public.

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