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Thirsty 110-Year-Old Man Kills 109-Year-Old Wife For Denying Him Sxex

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December 16, 2023

In a shocking incident of domestic violence, a 110-year-old man in Ntungamo district, Uganda, has been accused of murdering his 109-year-old wife after she reportedly denied his request for intimacy. The elderly suspect, identified as Babiiha Dominic, allegedly used a makeshift panga to repeatedly stab his wife, Bakasisa Constansio, following her refusal.

According to a statement released by SP Kasasira Samson of the local police department, the elderly couple shared a residence but slept in separate rooms. On December 14, Dominic purportedly asked Constansio to join him in his bedroom, but she declined, citing feeling unwell.

The tragic incident came to light early the next morning when the couple’s 10-year-old great-granddaughter heard Dominic’s desperate cries, stating that he wouldn’t die alone. Upon investigating, the young girl witnessed Dominic armed with the makeshift weapon and was ordered out of the room. Subsequently, Dominic entered Constansio’s room and allegedly stabbed her multiple times.

Neighbors, alerted by the child’s screams, rushed to the scene and discovered Constansio lifeless upon their arrival. Dominic was found unconscious in his room, with an agrochemical bottle nearby. Emergency services promptly transported him to Itojo hospital for medical treatment.

The police statement confirmed the recovery of the murder weapon and mentioned that the deceased’s body underwent a postmortem examination. Preliminary investigations suggest that denied conjugal rights might be the motive behind the heinous act, but a comprehensive investigation is currently underway to determine the full circumstances leading to the tragic incident.

The community is grappling with shock and disbelief over the unprecedented violence within this long-standing marriage, prompting discussions about elderly care and mental health within the aging population. Authorities are urging for vigilance and awareness regarding domestic disputes among elderly couples to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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