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Dark Deceit Unveiled: Filthy Rich Businessman’s Murder Exposes Twisted Saga of Greed, Betrayal, and Family Intrigue!

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Wealthy Businessman’s Murder Unveils Dark Secrets of Corruption and Family Intrigue

Subheading: Allegations of greed, power, and manipulation surround the suspicious death of Henry Katanga

Kampala, December 5, 2023

– The Nakawa magistrate’s court witnessed a tense atmosphere as the family of the late Henry Katanga, a prominent businessman, gathered on Monday for proceedings related to his mysterious death. Katanga, described as “filthy rich,” was allegedly murdered by his own wife, Molly Katanga, who is suspected of being driven by greed and a desire to control the family’s vast wealth.

The court decided to adjourn the case until December 18th and January 8th for Molly Katanga and Martha Katanga, the daughter of the deceased. Outside the courtroom, Naome Nyangweso, sister to the late Katanga, braved the rain to speak to journalists, accusing Molly of being a “greedy barbarian” responsible for her brother’s death. Nyangweso claimed that Molly’s alleged motive was to gain control of the family wealth, hinting at a significant business involving the supply of guns and food to the Ugandan People’s Defense Force (UPDF).

“She wanted property; she’s not sick as she is alleging, but the state is protecting her, we don’t know why,” Naome cried out.

The family alleges that Molly Katanga is manipulating the legal process, citing suspicious financial transactions and the withdrawal of a significant amount of money by Martha Katanga, who is currently in prison. The family believes that Molly is receiving protection from influential figures and media outlets, implicating a conspiracy to shield her from justice.

Recent revelations suggest that Henry Katanga was murdered just hours before signing his will, which detailed the distribution of his considerable wealth. The businessman had reportedly shared this secret with his sister and lawyer, and sources claim he was aware of threats to his life.

Katanga, who operated a procurement and supplies firm called MERGE with Molly, had diverse sources of income, including money lending, with a recent transaction of shs16 billion noted before his untimely death. His foster daughter, Tricia, is among the suspects and has been remanded to Luzira prison on murder charges.

Molly Katanga, the prime suspect, is currently under heavy security at IHK hospital in Muyenga, where family members allege she is feigning illness with self-inflicted wounds. Calls from prominent figures like businessman Barnabas Taremwa and Gen Freddie Karara Machwa for Molly’s transfer to Luzira prison have intensified, as they claim interference with legal proceedings and threats against their lawyers, raising concerns about the broader reach of corruption surrounding the case.

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